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Participate in the conversion of office building into 31 residential apartments in Barnstaple, a thriving town in the UK’s oldest borough.
Barnstaple is located on the edge of the Exmoor National Park. Research by Lloyds TSB has shown that property prices in Areas of Outstanding National Beauty increase faster than other areas, and prices in this region are forecast to rise by nearly 40% before 2019.
The property is a four storey, vacant office building. The new development will comprise of 19 one-bed units and 12 two-bed units, ground floor retail space and a reception area. It will benefit from on-site car parking for 56 parking bays.
The Coyne Group are an asset-backed management firm, specializing in both high growth and high performing investment opportunities across a range of sectors. Founded in 1996, Coyne have a solid investor base of high net worth individuals including family offices, pension funds and overseas investors, all enjoying the optimized risk and return profit profile that 25 years of experience bring to the table. By investing in partnership with Coyne, your role is that of an ‘Armchair Property Developer’ – cutting out the middle man, giving you the enhanced returns on investment that their model has repeatedly demonstrated over the last few years.
The GDV of the development is £5.8M GBP and the developers are raising £1.7M GBP in private equity to deliver the project, offering investors a targeted ROI of 32.7% over 12-months. Participate by investing £50,000 GBP upwards and earn a targeted £16,350 over just 12 months.
Key Features
– Office to residential conversion
– Planning uplift and build out project
– Invest from £50,000 to £1.5M GBP
– Projected capital uplift of 32.7% over 12 months
– Experienced developer with strong track record

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